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THR (Consulting) Ltd is based in West Sussex and providing psychometric assessment is our specialism.  Visit our dedicated site for more information.

SELECTION: Enhancing your final selection decision when recruiting by using tools that have proven ability to predict performance in role, we

  • Provide candidates with a secure login to access the selected questionnaire or ability test
  • Arrange a 1-1 interview to discuss the results
  • Produce a detailed report for clients showing the strengths of each candidate and identifying any areas for development

We can help build this into a personal development plan, which enables a smooth transition into the new role for the selected candidate. It creates a positive impression of your organisation as a place which takes care to appoint the best suited candidates and in addition offers development opportunities too.

TEAM DEVELOPMENT:  Building team performance by enhancing awareness of each individual’s strengths, allowing you to ensure these are optimised, and building awareness of the team’s capabilities.  Through using appropriate team exercises we build a workshop best suited to illustrating the needs of each particular group.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT:  Tools can be chosen to help people draw on their experience, values and strengths, matching these with their skills and other attributes when considering potential for growth within the current organisation, or options outside for the future growth.  This can be part of a company’s development planning process, outplacement counselling, or provided individually to private clients.