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(51-100+ employees)

You are already likely to have someone responsible for your HR in-house.

We often work with companies to complete a project or provide additional generalist support. This can be to cover peaks in workload, perhaps relating to organisational changes (such as handling a TUPE transfer) or dealing with an investigation or disciplinary situation. It could be to develop tailored training for your line managers, delivered to meet your needs in-house.

We have supported introducing new HR Systems, and carried out process reviews. In addition, we frequently run psychometric assessments for recruitment, individual and/or team development - helping teams to understand each other better and so work more effectively together.

Whatever you need, we work in a confidential, professional and cost-effective way, slotting into your team for a short stint, without the complications of recruiting.

Speak to us for more information, or to arrange an initial meeting, without obligation.

School X:

  • We have been working with an Academy providing them with HR support. In the main this has been strategic guidance with some day to day involvement where specialist input has been necessary. This has included planning for a review of their staffing requirements and helping to implement these changes through consultation with staff and trade union representatives, guiding the leadership team and governors through the process, handling queries from staff and the subsequent appeal process. We were initially advised our timetable wasn't possible but we knew it was legally possible, if also ambitious, and were able to successfully meet the deadline which carried significant financial implications.

 Company Y:

  • Working with this growing business, we designed and delivered a range of short workshops for their new team of line managers to help ensure they work well together and have the capability and confidence to be effective managers. This included interactive sessions on Diversity Awareness, Managing Absence, Handling Discipline and Grievances, and also helping them to be great role models to others.

Company Z:

  • This client asked us to be part of their selection interview panel for a board-level appointment. Being a more senior appointment than usual the MD wanted some external input on the day.We were able to help with planning the exercise and questions to ensure they were testing and enlightening while keeping an eye on best practice in interviewing processes, conveying the Company's thoughtfulness and professionalism while maintaining a personal approach.