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Small to Medium


(6-50 employees)

There is so much to be gained from having great employees, motivated and contributing to the success of the organisation. This requires capable managers, confident in what they do which is underpinned by a culture of trust and engagement, and policies to reflect this.

HR best practice is a good way to achieve this.

We offer an holistic approach, picking up much of the transactional work and providing specialist advice when needed. We also consider the longer term goals of your business and work with you and your managers to proactively shape the people-related policies, benefits, structure and processes to meet the immediate and future needs of the organisation.

If your organisation would benefit from working with us, either on a cost-effective day rate or on a pay-as-you-go basis, then please contact us for more information and of course without obligation.

Company A:

  • A steadily growing company needed some additional support for their Finance Manager, Office Manager and Line Managers without having to take on a permanent HR Manager yet. We have been able to answer specific queries on staffing issues, help update wording on their contracts and policies, providing an understanding of legal implications quickly for them. We have also been able to support line managers when difficult discussions are needed, and provide confirmation letters or action plans setting out the next steps when performance improvement was needed, and support in managing recruitment or dismissal carefully. At times this means being in their offices, at times, this can be achieved remotely.

Charity B:

  • One of a handful of charities we work with, this charity recently decided to expand into new areas and agreed an arrangement to take over a sister-charity. This required the 14 employees to be transferred into Charity B under the terms of TUPE legislation which we guided them through; checking data, asking questions appropriate to the transfer, ensuring everything was clear before the transfer completed.