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Covid-19 - Considerations for businesses returning to work

Guidance has now been published by the Government on enabling businesses to plan and begin to open. We thought it would be helpful to share some of the critical questions we are being asked about this - although the...


Top Tips on Employing Staff for your Small Business

As an experienced HR consultant, I’m often asked for my tips on employing people. Understandably, small business owners want to avoid the pitfalls along the way and ensure their staff are motivated and contributing fully to the business.   I...


Proactive HR – it’s about a lot more than just people and process!

You don’t need me to tell you about the merits of good HR. But there is a difference between good HR and proactive HR. And it’s the difference between your HR team being important and being worth their weight...


Psychometric profiling to help manage change

Psychometric assessments remain a powerful tool for many organisations and while there’s a tendency to think of them as a recruitment aid, psychometric profiling can be extremely useful when managing business change. Bear in mind that psychometric personality assessments are...


Using the Change Curve to make the changes in your business positive

You may have invested a lot of money in changing how your business does things or you may have had change thrust upon you due to external circumstances. Either way, in order to make change a force for good...


Get the best out of change by understanding the Change Curve

After an interesting 2016, change is undoubtedly on the horizon for the next couple of years. People are talking about it and I’m sure many businesses are worrying about how change will affect them. But change can of course...