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(1-5 employees)

A limited input may be all you need, with basic contracts of employment and policies appropriate to your size being the essential basis to ensure you are legally compliant and not at risk in any way. (Did you know that without a contract of employment for any employee you are at risk of an automatic fine?)

As you grow the amount of support can grow with you. We can advise on any issues that arise along the way and keep you updated with any changes in legislation. While advising you we also coach and develop your skills in tackling any staff issues.

Organising and updating employee records can be easily tracked and updated providing you with reports and an easily managed way of approving holidays or tracking sickness absence.


Company K:

  • We were asked to provide contract and basic disciplinary and grievance policies for a company who employ three people, with a fourth just joining them. For the new joiner, who had worked in larger organisations, this provided reassurance they were a professional and thoughtful employer demonstrating they really care for their staff through their actions.

Company L:

  • Had an employee who had poor attendance, timekeeping and a difficult manner with customers, but which had not been dealt with. Eventually the business owner realised this was having a negative impact on customers and other employees. We worked with them to ensure policies were in place and supported the owner through tackling these issues. Eventually the employee left, threatening to pursue a claim at tribunal, however they realised that, because things had been done properly, they had no claim to make. The business could move on and concentrate on re-building its relationships with customers and staff.